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Mach3 full version

Download and license activated immediately

€210.00 €160.00

Attention use for manufacturing acetate glasses.

Bevel cutter

Maximum depth 1mm

The standard bevel is 0.75mm

Online only

Permet filetage et taraudage sur vos fraiseuses CNC.  (Trous ou cylindres)

Choisissez le diamètre de la fraise permettant de si"nsérer dans le ø de votre percage. 

∆ est la gamme de pas qui peut etre effectué avec cette fraise.

Par exemple :


Perçage ø5mm. , la fraise ø4,85 est la plus adaptée.

Module Mach3 de filetage à télécharger sur notre site.

Avec traitement XCut GOLD

Fourni avec le plugin pour CAMBAM et Fusion 360 pour la réalisation de filetages normalisés

Online only

4 Fultes

ø 4 6 9 or 10mm



Sold by box of 10 Strawberries


CAMBAM V_1.0 full license

Download the software, license activated in 5 minutes


Carbide bur

Sold by box of 10 Strawberries


Cutter probe for Hobby machine

Made in Spain

Flexible probing in 2 measures (a rapid approach) and a slower and more precise finish.

Precise probing and less aggressive for your cutting tools, thanks to the damped touch.

Accuracy in standard mode: ±0.025mm

Supplied with wire and ISO 2-contact ø16mm connector

Plug & Play - Plug it in and it will work

Support from 5v to 60v

Specific probing macro provided to get the maximum precision and fluidity


Carbide bur

Sold by box of 10 Strawberries


Install this set of screens in your Mach3 to benefit from an intuitive and bug-free interface

Allows the management of your CNC on 3 or 4 Axes.

Tool probing module in 3 steps on a 'flexible' probe on a fixed location, or on the part for measuring the Z height or Z Zeroing.

In-place probing can be called directly from your Gcode by calling a macro (M802)

If you have an older generation, rigid probe with electrical contact in the spindle, you can insert your probing macro.

You download .Zip file directly after purchase and can install it immediately.

€49.95 €19.95

Precision cutter probe.

Improved 2022 version.

It comes with a specific update to Mach3 for a more precise probing function

Precise probing and less aggressive for you cutting tools, thanks to the damped key.

Accuracy in standard mode: 0.03mm

Accuracy in slow mode: 0.006mm



3 Axis Workpiece Sensor

Comes complete ready to use with the add-on for Mach3

Devilish precision.

To find the edges, center and height of your piece at the start of the program.

Accuracy: <0.003mm


Opening 150mm