X-Touch Probing Addon for Mach3

X-Touch Probing Addon for Mach3

Many of you asked us to use our X-Touch macros with your part trackers of various origins

This Add-on allows you to use all wired and non-wired probes (Connected to your PROBE input)

If you already have our screenset, it will update automatically with a functional probing page.

You download the .Zip file directly after purchase and can install it immediately.

Part probing macros are all provided, cutter measurement on the horizontal plane as well as in depth.

You have the option of performing measurements or zeroing the axes. on a side, an angle, a center, etc....

VAT included

This Addon works whatever your version of Mach3, via the 'assistant' menu

Can be used whatever your probe (Wired or Wireless)

In case your probe presents difficulties, we will get in touch with you and will improve our macros. (It will be useful for others also later…)

The probing functions can be called via the screen, or better, from your GCode program, the probe is referenced T99

Calling the macro "T99 M6 M1001" at the start of the program allows you to search for the corner at the bottom left of your part.

As soon as you have sold 100 of them, you will automatically receive an update which introduces a rotation around the three axes, if your parts are not perfectly orthogonal nor horizontal) This more expensive version will be offered retrospectively to the first 100 buyers!

The search and fine measurement speeds can all be modified.

(Depending on the quality of your PC, the pulse generator, and your probe, etc. the precision will require more or less slowness to have the required precision)

Also the search distances.

Free updates without time limit.

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