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Spirit Of Maker | Screenset 3- 5 Axis for Mach3

Spirit Of Maker | Screenset 3- 5 Axis for Mach3

Install this set of screens in your Mach3 to benefit from an intuitive and bug-free interface

Allows the management of your CNC on 3 or 5 Axes.

Tool probing module in 3 steps on a 'flexible' probe on a fixed location, or on the part for measuring the Z height or Z Zeroing.

If you have an older generation, rigid probe with electrical contact in the spindle, you can insert your probing macro.

Automated cutter probing function (or not) after each tool change in the GCode.

You download .Zip file directly after purchase and can install it immediately.

Tool change macros, cutter measurement, are compiled for smoother use on all machines.

After purchase, you receive a ZIP of the Screen Set with different versions depending on whether you want to use it.

Internet access is required for any maintenance.

Any customization possible and specific programming on Estimate.

Technical support available at an additional cost

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VAT included

You'll receive complete english screenset

This 'Skin' for mach3 developed by us removes a lot of mach3 bugs and gives a very intuitive interface.

Also adds 'pro' cutter measurement functions.

Main Screen

Ecran Principal ScreenSet Spirit Of Gamer

All essential functions are available on this screen

Cutter height measurement, axis displacement, opening of a Gcode. , execution of Gcode, ....

Allows the control of the outputs to control for example. piece watering, compressed air blast and an automatic vice....

Probing Screen

Spiriti of Gamer ScreenSet MAch3

Edge Finder Screen

X-Touch - Recherche des origines

Search for the origin of your piece, measure the height, etc etc...


If you did not buy your sensor from us, you will have to insert the tracking macros yourself, which your dealer should have provided you with.

An optional add-on is available with standard macros, if desired. CLICK HERE

Calculating Feed and RPM

Attention :

You will need to have limit sensors and/or XYZ axis referencing to comfortably use this set.

We are available to upgrade your CNC if you wish

A flexible part probe is much preferable (Available in the accessories)

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