Takes its name from. its cubic appearance.

Designed by us with reliable, proven and interference-free electronics.

A concentrate of technology in a reduced space, with optimal and silent ventilation.

The cube integrates all the management of the controls of your CNC on 3 Axes as well as the management of the ATC cutter changer

Controls of stepper motors, cutter probe,...

Online only

XLab '1000

CNC with 1200x900 table

(All other measures possible on estimate)

Wood, PVC, Acrylic, Cellulose acetate, Alu, Brass, ....

Fruit of the continuous development of our numerically controlled machines since 2015, the EVO range benefits from rigid, reliable and proven mechanics.

The 1000 range is designed specifically for large table sizes. Rigid aluminum structure

Fast displacements up to 5.500mm / min (thanks to the use of doubled X and Y transation motors: 24nm of torque and 300w on each Axis!

NEMA 34 Closed Loop Servo Motors (With optional two motors on each X and Y axis)

Ø20mm ball screw with articulated bearings at the end of the axle.

3000w ISO30 auto change spindle

The software environment integrates in the same box the power control of the machine, and also the modern computer part under Windows 10 64b, as on industrial machines. with 21.5 "touch screen equipped with all the necessary software.

100% autonomous machine