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This mini PC is ready to work with your CNC via USB or Ethernet

Control your machine directly from the Mach3 touch screen

The software ordered will be installed and configured. (Mach3, CAmBam, ....)

Included with Mach3 is 1 year free online after-sales service.


3D finder / touch probe assisting for milling un-even surface

Used for measuring workpiece geometries such as edges, holes, grooves, studs, angles and corners.

This probe has been developed for high measurement precisionand high repeatability.  0.002mm repetitivity


Precision cutter probe.

Improved 2022 version.

It comes with a specific update to Mach3 for a more precise probing function

Precise probing and less aggressive for you cutting tools, thanks to the damped key.

Accuracy in standard mode: 0.03mm

Accuracy in slow mode: 0.006mm



3 Axis Workpiece Sensor

Comes complete ready to use with the add-on for Mach3

Devilish precision.

To find the edges, center and height of your piece at the start of the program.

Accuracy: <0.003mm


Opening 150mm


Build your horizontal loading tool magazine.

Allows the use of cutters with a larger cutting head than the ER collet


ISO 20 milling cutter holder for tool changing spindle


Pince ER à l'unité


High quality ER full set.

ER8 - ER11 - ER11 - ER16 - ER20 - ER20 - ER25