Cutter probe for Hobby machine

Made in Spain

Flexible probing in 2 measures (a rapid approach) and a slower and more precise finish.

Precise probing and less aggressive for your cutting tools, thanks to the damped touch.

Accuracy in standard mode: ±0.025mm

Supplied with wire and ISO 2-contact ø16mm connector

Plug & Play - Plug it in and it will work

Support from 5v to 60v

Specific probing macro provided to get the maximum precision and fluidity


3D finder / touch probe assisting for milling un-even surface

Used for measuring workpiece geometries such as edges, holes, grooves, studs, angles and corners.

This probe has been developed for high measurement precisionand high repeatability.  0.002mm repetitivity

€412.40 €212.40

Precision cutter probe.

Improved 2022 version.

It comes with a specific update to Mach3 for a more precise probing function

Precise probing and less aggressive for you cutting tools, thanks to the damped key.

Accuracy in standard mode: 0.03mm

Accuracy in slow mode: 0.006mm



3 Axis Workpiece Sensor

Comes complete ready to use with the add-on for Mach3

Devilish precision.

To find the edges, center and height of your piece at the start of the program.

Accuracy: <0.003mm


Opening 150mm

Online only

Build your horizontal loading tool magazine.

Allows the use of cutters with a larger cutting head than the ER collet


ISO 20 milling cutter holder for tool changing spindle


Pince ER à l'unité


High quality ER full set.

ER8 - ER11 - ER11 - ER16 - ER20 - ER20 - ER25