Moule de Fabrication de branches Armées

Moule de Fabrication de branches Armées

Specific press to manufacture reinforced branches by thermo-welding in Sandwich

Reliable and proven technique. 100% success.

3 minutes are necessary for each pair of branches or cleats.

Insert the outer part of the branch that you have grooved in CNC (CNC grooving file provided in DXF and GCode)

Place the frame.

A brush stroke of Thermo-Soldering Fluid to promote bonding

Insert the pre-cut tab, with 1mm of excess?.

Press - Press the button to start the pasting process.

Wait for the ringtone.

Your pair of branches is ready!

The press is delivered with a raw shoe that you can machine to the shape of your usual branches (Requires knowledge of metal machining), or you can order it with the shape of a pair of rectangular cleats (160*20* 4mm).

If you regularly make the same pair of branches, provide us with the .DXF or .STL of your branches and we will create the custom shoe.


Training videos on Youtube

2 Hours On-Line Support

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